A Witness to Evil / Mathew Timmons

A witness to evil, a voice for the silent, and a timeless symbol of resolve now sings to us across the decades. The editors of TIME played your voice for me, singing an old song, adding annotations, photos, maps, and quotations. You sang without the instruments you loved, without anyone else's vocals to cover yours. They played your voice and you sounded so beautiful; everything that you were, captured and summed up. I cleared the supper dishes, wiped down the table, swept under the table, put away food, made lunches for those who took a lunch, dried and put away dishes, set the table for breakfast, and wiped down the dish drainer, counter tops, and stove. Close your eyes (oh yes, and sit down first), take in a couple of breaths and feel yourself start to slow down. Ask your intuition a question – it can be about where to move, what direction to take in your new life or whether you really, after more than four decades, have an independent voice?

Advocating for conservation, historic preservation, responsible growth and much more died on Saturday, leaving a silent void in the dark below. I squeezed my eyes shut; but your voice went on, every word seeming to drill into me. «We must leave the Apiary tonight, and go into the West,» said the voice. «And if our hearts are true, the voice of silence … the voice of silence will speak in stones.» Love, Love is real, and there are no longer dreams. Love is a dream, and there is no longer reality. The law of non-contradiction is a contradiction. Is there a way of getting this silent voice to wake me up tomorrow morning?
    I couldn’t help but try to rush through my presentation, a maneuver from your repertoire that I have incorporated in my attempt to steal the limelight, along with a cajoling banter, demeaning of both the representatives present, and condescending to the legendary Doctor in attendance. As an envoy over the years, you’ve helped me to become more and more like a voice of justice. I feel I can express nothing less than my true feelings. I try to take low emissions (near zero), excellent economy and other hybrid strengths from whoever has them. You moved forward with ongoing civic changes, before 23 million citizens, in their weakness, could stop you. But I couldn’t hear you, the whole scene was too loud. Did you say, «I could kill them?» Speak slowly and loudly. Try the radio or the sound system features. I still can’t understand you. Did you say, «I can’t go another step?» I’m not looking forward to the ride either, I can assure you. As our fellow passengers finished boarding and stowing and belting up, we heard engine and road noise and saw the easy to see warning lights come on, and we awaited the revving of engines and the rush down the runway. Instead we got the pilot announcing «The computer read-out says, ‘The rear windows do not open fully. But if you are what you say you are, this is going to be worth it.’» The pilot then added, «I imagine it won't be easy, but then the good things in life never are.» You turned back, I leaned forward, and you clasped a hand on my shoulder, affection and warmth showing in your suddenly thick voice.

Apparently, what we thought was going to usher in a new age of data, turns out to be nothing more than a voice. We are not going to return to being the silent ones, we are not going to return to being the punching bags, and we sure are not going to return to tolerating ignorance, arrogance and constant insults. Again, I do apologize. This type of breathing activates the adrenal gland (your fight or flight mechanism) and your body is then constantly bombarded by adrenaline, noradrenaline and other hormones and enzymes used to get you out of danger. I know, a noise in the room left you unsettled. Considering our motors will be electric and used only to charge the batteries (hence we’ll have less mechanical parts), our "engine noise" should be far less than most current vehicles, even most motorcycles. At first, I thought the noise was a voice and I mentioned it on the digital recorder for you specifically to listen to when you were analyzing the audio. Then there was another sound. The doctors said that the impact to your brain has caused you to lose your voice. Listening to your parents' comfort, but with nothing coming out from you, I broke down. During the stay in hospital, besides your still silent cries, there were just your tears.

I glared at you for a while, giving you a chance to defend yourself. Finally, you sucked in an aggravated breath and shoved forward, your fists clenched tightly at your sides. «Nothing to say? Fine. Just, fine.» This was the picture from the bridge. Let me lead the way. Begin with the head rests for the seats, and work your way down through all of the crevices to the carpet. Tip: If you have car odor you are trying to control, spread out baking soda throughout the car before starting to vacuum. As any sound engineer can tell you, noise can be most easily stopped at its source. Acoustical ceiling tile will keep the sound that originates in a basement recreation area from being carried throughout the house. Remember when Your Voice, My Silent Voice and Our Silence went to apply for the same job. Our Silence had more experience and education than Your Voice. During the job interview, Our Silence made a request for an interpreter and Your Voice opted not to. Two weeks later, Your Voice had a job and My Silent Voice requested the following information from human rights watch: the answer to the question was that only around 5% of people in each group chose «watchful waiting,» or «active surveillance.» A small percentage of people chose the job of sitting down with patience and explaining how these treatments would affect quality of life. Some tinnitus or head noise is normal. If one goes into a sound-proof booth and normal outside noise is diminished, one becomes aware of these normal sounds. We are usually not aware of these normal body sounds, because outside noise has a way of removing valuable high frequency spectrum from even the good parts. I have tried the high values, but that hacks the sound, creating even more noise. At low values it hacks the beginning and end of sound, but while noise cancellation does seem good, that's about all it has going for it because Your Voice still sounds muffled, soft and digital-like. Furthermore, my jawbone is too big and bulky to comfortably put into my pocket, but it does allow us to enjoy crystal clear conversations, free from annoying background noise.

Personal Wealth Advice, let’s put a lens on exactly that, Personal Wealth Advice. I have two points I’d like to make. Whenever I saw you around during the day, you would say hi to me, and make sure I had gone to see which sororities and fraternities asked me back for the next night of Rush, and you generally helped me make the right decision to stick with Rush. Secondly, you taught me that sound is produced by a fan revolving at high speed. While for some it wouldn’t be much of a bother, and some may even like the white noise produced, there would be individuals who hate listening to a constant voice. I fought to hold onto that lifeline, suddenly certain that voice was important beyond measure. It had been so long since I'd heard it. Other voices had come and gone, but never once had this voice spoken to me. Until now. In fact, you have been a voice for the silent majority on many occasions over the past eight years.



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